Control Everyday Hazards

Industrial workplaces contain hazards that workers are exposed to daily. To ensure workers are protected from hazards, employers must assess their workplace and eliminate or reduce the hazards and dangers workers face when performing their jobs. For any hazards that remain, employers must provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to their workers. J. J. Keller™ SAFEGEAR™ PPE can help safeguard your workers from everyday risks and lower the chance of injuries.

Why buy J. J. Keller™ SAFEGEAR™ PPE?

The potential for danger exists in every workplace. Our wide selection of PPE will help you protect your workers from hazards they face every day.

• Backed by 65+ years of safety and compliance expertise

• Affordable to fit price-conscious budgets

• Quality gear that’s comfortable

Check Out These Best-Selling Products

Non Certified Vests 

with Silver Tape

Type R Class 2

Certified Vest

Grip-Dot Palm

Nitrile Gloves

Type R Class 3

Certified Sweatshirt

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