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Turn to J. J. Keller® for PPE Solutions That Keep Employees Safe

In addition to inventory management, redistribution, and bringing buyers and sellers together, staying compliant and maintaining a safe work environment are two of your top priorities. Turn to J. J. Keller® for the PPE solutions you need to create a safe work environment and achieve operational efficiency.

Why buy J. J. Keller® SAFEGEAR® PPE?

In high-hazard industries like construction, personal protective equipment is essential and often required. We offer a wide selection of PPE to help you reduce the chance of incidents and injuries.

• Backed by 65+ years of safety and compliance expertise

• Affordable to fit price-conscious budgets

• Quality gear that’s comfortable

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Safety Trends: What's There to Wear in the Warehouse?

Warehouses can be full of danger at every turn. According to OSHA, being struck by forklifts and other material handling equipment are only a few of the many ways an employee can get hurt on the job.

It’s time to face the facts: the fast-paced environment in a warehouse is hazardous, and you need to protect your employees to keep them in the action. Here are several types of trendy PPE you can turn to:

  • The noggin’ protector. You guessed it! Head protection is vital in a warehouse setting. There’s no telling what objects can do serious damage to your employees’ heads. Don’t waste time, make sure you provide your employees with head protection.
  • The superhero's vest. Every superhero needs a cape. How else would you know it’s a superhero? Your employees on the floor need a vest! Struck-by hazards are no joke, so when it comes to protecting employees from forklift and equipment operators, bright vests do the trick in letting them know employees are around.
  • A pair of mittens. Not the kind you give as a gift for Christmas, but close. Hand protection is extremely vital considering employees constantly lug around sharp box-cutters, tools, and other materials. Hand protection keeps their paws safe from the saws…or something like that.
  • Nice shades. You wear sunglasses to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s rays. Why not provide employees with eye protection to keep their eyes safe from warehouse machine hazards like flying dust and other particles?

There you have it! Of course, other types of PPE might be necessary; the list is endless. But the list above should give you a nice start in understanding the most common types of PPE found in a warehouse setting. Safe and trendy never felt so good!

Person driving forklift in warehouse wearing J.J. Keller SAFEGEAR PPE


Shipping, packing, and material handling activities can expose workers to hazards. They must use PPE such as hard hats, gloves, goggles and eyeglasses, protective clothing, face shields, and protective footwear to stay safe on the job.

Many different gloves are available and can protect workers’ hands from cuts, abrasions, impacts, and penetrations during material handling. Face shields, goggles, and eyeglasses prevent exposure to workers’ eyes from flying objects, dust, and fine particulates. Protective clothing and footwear place a barrier between workers’ bodies and feet, respectively. Hardhats will protect workers’ heads from overhead falling objects and accidental bumps.

Minimizing workers’ exposure to hazards and the risk of injury can help ensure material handling, shipping and receiving, and transport activities continue efficiently and without setbacks from a safety-related accident.

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