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The manufacture of goods is essential to our economy, but the processes involved are not without hazards. You need to protect your workers from noise, chemicals, cuts, falling objects, extreme heat, and more. Our selection of SAFEGEAR® PPE can help you minimize hazards when engineering, work practice, and administrative controls aren't enough.

Why buy J. J. Keller® SAFEGEAR® PPE?

In high-hazard industries like construction, personal protective equipment is essential and often required. We offer a wide selection of PPE to help you reduce the chance of incidents and injuries.

• Backed by 65+ years of safety and compliance expertise

• Affordable to fit price-conscious budgets

• Quality gear that’s comfortable

Check Out These Best-Selling Products

J.J. Keller SAFEGEAR Type R Class 2 Yellow Vests
Type R Class 2
Hook & Loop Closure
Safety Vests
J.J Keller SAFEGEAR Clear Lens Safety Glasses
Clear Lens
Anti Scratch / Anti Fog
Safety Glasses
J.J Keller SAFEGEAR Nitrile Foam Knit Gloves
Flat Dip Nitrile Foam
Smooth Palm
Nylon Knit Gloves
J.J Keller SAFEGEAR 3-in-1 Parka Jacket
Type R Class 3
Fleece Lined
3-in-1 Parka Jacket



Manufacturing goods can expose workers to hazards when performing manual labor, using tools, operating machinery, or handling chemicals. Minimize workers’ exposure to these hazards by using PPE such as hard hats, gloves, goggles and eyeglasses, protective clothing, face shields, and protective footwear.

Many different gloves are available and can protect workers’ hands from cuts, abrasions, impacts, and penetrations. Face shields, goggles, and eyeglasses protect workers’ eyes from harmful flying particulates, mists, airborne droplets, and chemical splashes from manufacturing activities. Protective clothing and footwear place a barrier between workers’ bodies and feet, respectively. Hard hats protect workers’ heads from overhead falling objects and accidental bumps.

Using PPE can reduce workers’ risk of injury while working with machinery that processes raw materials or parts into finished goods. Minimizing exposure to hazards and the risk of injury to workers helps ensure manufacturing continues efficiently and safely.

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