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Keep Drivers Safe Outside The Truck

It’s easy for drivers to blend into the background whether they’re working on the loading dock, in the yard, at the truckstop, or stopped on the side of the road. Our hi-visibility clothing and accessories can help your drivers stay safe in a variety of everyday situations. Plus, our gloves can protect their hands when loading/unloading and fueling. For drivers delivering to construction jobsites or other areas that require head protection, we offer hard hats as well.

Why buy J. J. Keller® SAFEGEAR® PPE?

In high-hazard industries like construction, personal protective equipment is essential and often required. We offer a wide selection of PPE to help you reduce the chance of incidents and injuries.

• Backed by 65+ years of safety and compliance expertise

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One hazard all drivers face is being struck by another vehicle or a piece of material handling equipment when outside the vehicle. To reduce this risk, drivers must see what is happening around their vehicles and be seen by others. While drivers can do something to reduce the risk of being struck by being alert and cautious, there is only one way to help other people see your drivers. That is having your drivers wear a high visibility jacket or vest whenever in any area where being struck is a risk (loading and unloading areas, in or near traffic, at terminals and truck stops, etc.).

Press the Brakes on Driver Hazards

In the Transportation industry, common types of PPE include a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves and arm protection, and proper footwear. Of these, gloves are the most common form of PPE that drivers use to perform their jobs safely while material handling. If your drivers injured their hands or arms and lost the ability to use them, it would significantly impact the quality of their lives. Assess your drivers' work activities and determine what types of gloves and arm protection they need to wear. Their arms help them to perform pulling and lifting movements. They work together, allowing them to perform basic tasks. When exposed to touchpoint hazards like operating equipment, material handlings, and securing loads, drivers should wear gloves.

Proper footwear must be worn to protect drivers’ feet from dropped objects; contact hazards; and reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls on walking-working surfaces. General leather work boots, steel-toe boots, and ice cleats are common footwear that protects drivers.

High-visibility PPE such as vests should be worn to remain visible to approaching vehicles and equipment while making inspections or repairs on the side of the roadway, material handling, and securing loads. Other kinds of high-visibility apparel include jackets, pants, coveralls, shorts, high-visibility hard hats, baseball caps, wide-brimmed hats, and ski caps, among other items.

Eye and face protection are needed when drivers are exposed to hazards from flying particles or objects. For example, drivers are exposed to small airborne particulates from approaching traffic when performing roadside inspections and repairs. Failure to wear eye and face protection can lead to serious injuries. Each year, thousands of drivers injure their eyes or lose their sight. Most of those drivers had the proper eye protection available, but they chose not to wear it. Wearing protection when it’s needed can save drivers’ vision.

Driver Inspecting vehicle in SAFEGEAR PPE

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