OSHA’s Proper Fit Requirements

Ill-fitting, uncomfortable PPE doesn’t just decrease the chance that employees will wear it. It’s a SAFETY issue. High-visibility apparel that is too big and loose can get caught in machinery. Plus, hi-vis apparel is meant to outline the worker’s form. If the apparel is too big, protection is decreased. Gloves that don’t fit correctly can cause decreased grip, which can lead to accidents. Poorly fitting PPE can also cause workers to be unable to complete a task or to complete it much more slowly and inefficiently.

We Make It Easy To Offer Women’s Sizing

J. J. Keller™ SAFEGEAR™ PPE offers women’s sizing in a wide range of hi-vis apparel from vests to t-shirts to sweatshirts and in three styles of work gloves.

High-Visibility Vests

Choose from three styles of Type R Class 2 vests: lime or orange polyester mesh with a drawstring waist, lime polyester mesh with pink trim, and reversible lime/black puffer style made of quilted polyester. No matter which option your workers choose, they’ll be comfortable, seen and safe.


High-Visibility Clothing

Looking for hi-vis options besides vests? No problem! We offer moisture-wicking, ANSI-certified and non-certified t-shirts in lime and orange, a Type R Class 3 lime sweatshirt and Class 3 parka. So whether it’s warm or cold, we have you covered.


Hand Protection

Whether your workers are looking for improved grip, extra warmth, or cut protection, our three styles of women’s gloves offer it all, in sizes ranging from extra small to double extra large. And they’re all touchscreen capable, so your workers don’t have to remove their gloves to check their phones or tablets.


Gain Additional Insight Into Women’s Sizing Issues

Check out our Compliance Brief, “PPE in Women’s Sizes — Creating a viable solution for increased safety, efficiency, comfort, and affordability."